Advance HD Camera Drone with GPS Elite 1.6KM Control Distance

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The Advance HD Camera Drone with GPS Elite 1.6KM Control Distance is equipped with a powerful brushless 1806 motor that delivers low latency, stunning 4K HD resolution, 5G Wifi and powerful wind resistance for stability and racing performance. A good balance has been achieved. Track flight, gesture control. Point of interest flight and dual positioning (including optical flow and GPS systems) make it an ideal drone for an unforgettable FPV flight experience.


Controls: up/down, forward/backward, left/right, sideways flight, led lights, 4K camera, 5G wifi, tracking flight, follow me, gesture control, headless mode, takeoff/landing/return Buttons, surround sound combat, height hold mode, gesture photo/video.

5G Wifi Transfer 5G Wifi gives you an accurate real-time aerial view, allowing you to capture clear photos and great video from your phone to capture the world from the air.

4K HD wide-angle camera: 90-degree adjustable steering and 4K high-definition wide-angle camera have been carefully adjusted to capture vivid images with minimal chromatic aberration and distortion.

Gesture photos and videos: Take a photo of the camera with a Victory gesture and then shoot the video with a Palm gesture, which is very convenient with simple gestures.

Tracking targets after flight, D4 DRONE will automatically identify objects of different shapes and sizes and then track them according to their shape and speed of movement. This makes tracking easier and more reliable.

Point of Interest Battle - This feature allows you to select a point on the application interface where the D4 drone will fly.

360° full-angle surround sound makes it easy to shoot stylish videos.

Dual Positioning System - Intelligent Optical Flow Sensing System and GPS Positioning help achieve stable takeoff, flight and landing.

Gesture Control - With Palm Control mode, you can take amazing aerial photos with just a gesture, without the need for a remote or mobile device.


  • Aircraft Takeoff weight 558g
  • Dimensions: 420 * 300 * 92mm (unfolded); 220 * 105 * 92mm (folded)
  • Color: grey
  • In the windless mode, the maximum ascent speed is 4 m / s Maximum descent speed in automatic landing mode 2 m / s
  • Maximum speed in sport mode 40 km / h (no wind)
  • Maximum service height 100m
  • Maximum service distance 1600m
  • Longest flight time 25 minutes
  • Satellite positioning system GPS / optical flow
  • Vertical hover accuracy range: +/- 0.5 m (when "Visual Positioning" is enabled)
  • Height: +/- 0.5 m (when "Visual Positioning" is enabled)
  • Working frequency 2.4GHz
  • Motor: brushless 1806 camera
  • Photo resolution 4096 * 3072
  • Maximum transmission frame rate 25fps
  • Image frequency 5G WIFI
  • Focal length 3.2mm
  • Sensor IMX179
  • Diaphragm 2.5
  • Effective pixels: 8 MP
  • Lens angle 100°
  • ISO range photo/video: 100-3200
  • Electronic shutter speed 1/25 s-1 / 8000 s
  • Memory expansion is not supported
  • Tilt camera
  • Tilt angle range 0°-90°
  • Intelligent flight battery Capacity: 2500mAh
  • Voltage 11.1V
  • Lithium battery type
  • Energy 27.75 Wh
  • Net weight 200g
  • Charging time 6h
  • Charging temperature range 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)
  • Remote control battery
  • Battery 3.7 V 300mAh Lithium
  • 20 hours of use
  • Charging time 1h

Dimensions: 420 * 300 * 92mm (unfolded); 220 * 105 * 92mm (folded)


*Manual measurement may cause some deviation or cause slight chromatic aberration due to shooting conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

*Do not overcharge or over discharge.

Packing list:

  • 1 *Remote quadcopter
  • 1 *Remote control
  • 1 *spare propeller group
  • 1 *User Manual
  • 1 *drone battery
  • 2 *USB charging cable
  • 1 *screwdriver
  • 1 *Bag(optional)

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